Multiplex tissue image of the month - CA6 in salivary gland

CA6 i MX salivary gland.png

The glandular expression pattern of salivary gland-specific protein carbonic anhydrase 6 (gene: CA6) is highlighted by multiplex immunohistochemistry (mIHC/IF).

Upcoming additions to The Human Protein Atlas will include mIHC/IF-based exploration of protein expression in additional tissues, including salivary gland. CA6 - a carbonic anhydrase with an unclear role in salivary gland and excreted saliva - shows localization (green) in the cytoplasm of serous acini (teal). Other visualized cell types/structures include mucus acini (white) and large ducts (red).

The spatial expression data is further supported by the single-cell RNA sequencing data for CA6 available in the Single Cell Type section showing enriched expression in serous glandular cells of the salivary gland.

For more details about the mIHC/IF technique visit our method page.