A 20-year journey with the Human Protein Atlas


Today, an open access booklet "The Human Protein Atlas - a 20-year journey into the body" is published in collaboration with the American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS) and the journal Science. In addition, a "microsite" is launched combining facts about the Human Protein Atlas with 3D-based videos of the human body and diseases.

In an expansive supplement published by Science, a journey is taken through the 20 years since the establishment of the Human Protein Atlas (HPA) consortium, to underscore milestones reached and to celebrate releases of updates and additions to the atlas. For the reader's convenience, reprints of the relevant journal articles associated with the most important of these milestones are provided. In addition, a microsite is launched in collaboration with the journal Science and the US-based company Ceros. In this knowledge-based portal, important facts gained from the HPA program can be found together with videos showing the exploration of the human body using light sheet microscopy.


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