Csaba Adori receives the 2024 Lennart Nilsson Award



The neurobiologist Csaba Adori is awarded the 2024 Lennart Nilsson Award for his scientific 3D photography of tissues. The motivation states that he in the spirit of Lennart Nilsson combines the scientific aspects of tissue structure and its pathology, that contribute to the understanding of tissue anatomy, with the beauty of anatomical details revealed by artistic images.

The Lennart Nilsson Award Foundation was established in 1998 with the main aim to promote education, training, and research within the medical, biological, and engineering sciences through the application of images. The Lennart Nilsson Award is an annual international award presented to an individual who has made outstanding contributions within the field of scientific photography.

This year the award went to Csaba Adori, a neurobiologist affiliated with Stockholm University and Karolinska institute, who has also collaborated closely with Human Protein Atlas in creating a set of eighteen movies allowing for exploration of the human body down to single cell level. The videos were generated using a novel technology for 3D-imaging based on light sheet microscopy and various parts of the human body are visualized and described.

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