The version 23 of the Human Protein Atlas with updated genome assembly and a new Interaction section

Press release


A new version 23 of the open access Human Protein Atlas has been launched today.

A new Interaction section is introduced containing human protein-protein interaction networks for more than 11,000 genes that will add new aspects in terms of protein function.

The Tissue section of the Atlas has been revised and extended with immunofluorescent-based multiplex bioimages to map 742 proteins in testis and specific cell types and cell states using co-expression analysis.

The Brain section now has protein expression data from over 200 micro dissected human brain regions that have been used to cluster proteins according to their expression across different brain regions including manual annotation of these clusters.

In addition, the Cell Line section now feature data from a total of 1,206 cell lines, including 151 cell lines not previously described and all five million web pages in the resource have been updated based on a new genome assembly (Ensembl v109), thus reflecting the new consensus genome containing 20,162 protein-coding genes.

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