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Genei Gene descriptioni x Evidencei x Tissuei Cell typei Pathologyi Braini Bloodi Celli
ABCC4ATP binding cassette subfamily C member 4
ACPPAcid phosphatase, prostate
ALKAL1ALK and LTK ligand 1
ALOX15BArachidonate 15-lipoxygenase, type B
AMD1Adenosylmethionine decarboxylase 1
AMELYAmelogenin, Y-linked
ANO7Anoctamin 7
APELAApelin receptor early endogenous ligand
ARG2Arginase 2
BMP5Bone morphogenetic protein 5
BMPR1BBone morphogenetic protein receptor type 1B
CACNG4Calcium voltage-gated channel auxiliary subunit gamma 4
CDH26Cadherin 26
CFC1Cripto, FRL-1, cryptic family 1
CHRM1Cholinergic receptor muscarinic 1
CHRNA2Cholinergic receptor nicotinic alpha 2 subunit
CLEC3AC-type lectin domain family 3 member A
COL9A1Collagen type IX alpha 1 chain
CPA6Carboxypeptidase A6
CPAMD8C3 and PZP like, alpha-2-macroglobulin domain containing 8
CPLX3Complexin 3
CPNE4Copine 4
CREB3L4CAMP responsive element binding protein 3 like 4
CUX2Cut like homeobox 2
CWH43Cell wall biogenesis 43 C-terminal homolog
CXCL10C-X-C motif chemokine ligand 10
DEFB136Defensin beta 136
DHRS2Dehydrogenase/reductase 2
EPHA3EPH receptor A3
EVX1Even-skipped homeobox 1
EVX2Even-skipped homeobox 2
FAM237BFamily with sequence similarity 237 member B
FOLH1Folate hydrolase 1
FOXA1Forkhead box A1
GABRG3Gamma-aminobutyric acid type A receptor gamma3 subunit
GLB1L3Galactosidase beta 1 like 3
GLIS1GLIS family zinc finger 1
GPRC6AG protein-coupled receptor class C group 6 member A
HIST2H3CHistone cluster 2 H3 family member c
HOXA13Homeobox A13
HOXB13Homeobox B13
HOXD13Homeobox D13
KAZALD1Kazal type serine peptidase inhibitor domain 1
KLK2Kallikrein related peptidase 2
KLK3Kallikrein related peptidase 3
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