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Genei Gene descriptioni x Evidencei x Tissuei Cell typei Pathologyi Braini Bloodi Celli
C18orf25Chromosome 18 open reading frame 25
CSTBCystatin B
EMP1Epithelial membrane protein 1
ERO1AEndoplasmic reticulum oxidoreductase 1 alpha
FAM129BFamily with sequence similarity 129 member B
GLTPGlycolipid transfer protein
GRPEL2GrpE like 2, mitochondrial
HILPDAHypoxia inducible lipid droplet associated
JUPJunction plakoglobin
NDUFA4L2NDUFA4, mitochondrial complex associated like 2
NECTIN1Nectin cell adhesion molecule 1
NLRX1NLR family member X1
PGDPhosphogluconate dehydrogenase
RARGRetinoic acid receptor gamma
S100A11S100 calcium binding protein A11
SERPINB1Serpin family B member 1
SLC7A1Solute carrier family 7 member 1
TRIM16Tripartite motif containing 16
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