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Genei Gene descriptioni x Evidencei x Tissuei Cell typei Pathologyi Braini Bloodi Celli
PAEPProgestagen associated endometrial protein
TEX15Testis expressed 15, meiosis and synapsis associated
C2CD4AC2 calcium dependent domain containing 4A
C1QTNF6C1q and TNF related 6
CDC20BCell division cycle 20B
FRMD7FERM domain containing 7
GPR139G protein-coupled receptor 139
MMP11Matrix metallopeptidase 11
CEMIPCell migration inducing hyaluronan binding protein
PGRProgesterone receptor
ZCCHC12Zinc finger CCHC-type containing 12
ASIC2Acid sensing ion channel subunit 2
LEFTY2Left-right determination factor 2
SCGB1D4Secretoglobin family 1D member 4
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