Movie of the month: The kidneys


The kidneys are responsible for filtering a mindblowing 180 liters of blood daily, eliminating toxins, regulating blood pressure and creating urine.

Using light sheet microscopy, this movie dives into the magnificent world of the tubular networks and several major components of the kidneys. Small filtering units called glomeruli (red) and collecting ducts (green) are visualized, as well as the overall structure of the kidney. The visualization of the kidneys with this new 3D technique allows for deeper understanding of the different cell types, their locations and functions. Meet Dr. Cecilia Lindskog from the HPA project as she discusses the content of the movie describing the kidneys in 3D.

Watch the kidneys movie and other educational movies at the HPA YouTube channel.

Light sheet movies: Dr Csaba Adori, Karolinska Institutet
Interview: Dr Cecilia Lindskog, Uppsala University
Source of tissue: Dr Csaba Adori
Funding: Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation
Production: FaktaBruket, Stockholm